Energy lifeline as new 80% cheaper ‘clean gas’ can ‘solve crisis’ in major breakthrough

A MAJOR breakthrough has been made in the search for “clean gas,” which could provide consumers with a lifeline and shield them from skyrocketing bills amid the crisis, according to a company.


As energy bills continue to skyrocket due to the spiralling prices of gas worldwide, countries have been scrambling to find alternative sources to power homes and their economies. With gas squeezes coming from major supplier Russia, made worse by the Ukraine war, energy independence has been made a key theme of discussions around how to resolve the crisis.

And with the price cap (maximum tariff) expected to soar to £2,800 in October, which could push 12 million people into poverty, one solution has been to look to clean energy sources instead of oil and gas.

A number of renewable technologies have been tipped to replace gas and oil further down the line, but technology company Voltage Enterprises has reportedly found a new energy source dubbed KINETIC 7.

It is said to be a clean gas created from water which does not produce any emissions.

It is estimated that it will be cheaper than current domestic household and business energy supplies by as much as 80 percent.

Unlike hydrogen (also created from water) which has also been tipped to replace natural gas, KINETIC 7 is said to have a unique molecular chemistry that makes it more advanced.

Boris and a smart metre

A new energy source which is 80 percent cheaper could “solve” the UK energy crisis (Image: Getty )

Gas bill

Energy bills are continuing to soar (Image: PA)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pinpointed hydrogen as a fundamental low-carbon solution to achieving net zero emissions which could one day wean Britain off natural gas.

But there are currently some existing problems with hydrogen.

The process used to create hydrogen, called electrolysis, uses up large amounts of energy and is also difficult and can be unsafe to store.

But the process KINETIC 7 is created by is reportedly far more efficient.

It is also said to be a safe and controllable gas for domestic and industrial supply.

Energy price cap

The energy price cap is expected to soar to £2,800 in October (Image: Express)

It works by reconstructing and converting water into molecular clusters.

These are electrically charged to create constant oxidisation and friction, in turn creating reactive clean gas and flame.

The discovery comes after eight years of research and development, some of which was funded by investment incubator Aquarius Global for tech firm Voltage Enterprises to work on.

Rick Parish, CEO of Aquarius, said: “In much the same way that solar power is currently being used in domestic housing, KINETIC 7 will allow households to produce their own clean gas energy source, using water and a small amount of electricity.

“The cost to create the clean gas is minimal. The KINETIC 7 generator unit will be retrofitted into homes.

Renewable energy

KINETIC 7 is reportedly a clean gas (Image: Express)


Hydrogen is reportedly difficult to store and uses up energy to create (Image: Getty )

“The plug-n-play product, which uses a small amount of AC or DC power and water, will allow the householder to enjoy the same natural gas/LPG benefits without the high costs, supply disruptions and dramatic price increases.

“An external wall unit can be fitted to a domestic household and used for stove cooktops and ovens, hot water systems, ambient heating and underfloor heating.”

He added: “With KINETIC 7, we have the world’s first commercially viable clean gas energy source that can be used in domestic households.

“At the same time, KINETIC 7 can power large-scale industrial production and manufacturing, providing clean energy that is carbon neutral from water.

“We anticipate KINETIC 7 will be 80 percent cheaper than current energy supplies.

“This will not only help solve the global gas and energy crisis, but the innovation will allow countries and global economies to maintain stability in the energy sector, reduce costs and maintain security of supply.”

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